Sunday, March 30, 2014

My take on Revit 2015

The cat is out of the Hat

A lot of Revit users will bag the Revit 2015 release for its apparent short list of new features.

I would like to make some comments on the bigger picture…for the folks who think this improvements are very very few.
Yes Revit 2015 looks mainly like a cleanup and prepare for future type of release.
Not many NEW or changed  features but…
Foundation stones are laid for a much better collaboration system
IT will soon be much happier with introduction of better subscription management.
Behind the scenes system changes for better things to come in 2016.
This may not be the upgrade we and you where longing for but, there have been substantial system-changes for future implementation and therefore

my initial impression Upgrading Projects will take longer but performance on BIG projects are again improved.

My thumps-up would go

  • the ability to adjust Family Parameter order so parameters can make much more sense and be grouped
  • Interior will love the ability to use images in schedule fields even though is implementation is maybe only 30% of what it should or hopefully will be
  • IFC Linking and extra schedule parameters for the Model managers  
    Again 30% of what it should or hopefully will be

So where does this leave us...Is Revit development death ?

Well i don't think so some improvements are just not sexy
I did not see any glowing reviews on the Citrix implementation of Revit
although it opens the door for dramatic changes in parallel with nvidia GRID.

Citrix XenDesktop with NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™
HP and Citrix
Amazon Adds Nvidia Grid GPU Instance To EC2 Cloud

Changes like this are big picture changes and rarely get the applause they deserve.
I hang out in lots of Forums i have not seen anyone asking for it...this was foresight.
Or to say it in Henry Fords words.
“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Sean Burke summed it up in a way i would broadly agree with.

Give it a read   is-Revit-dead

An please be kind with the your "autodesk altar boy" flames

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