Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Revit Plugins from Spain

The Revit Room

In find information about applications, features, video demonstrations, tutorials, reviews of other users and demo versions 100% operating freely for you to evaluate their usefulness.

Our applications, both in the interface, such as tutorials and user manuals are available in English and Spanish in response to an unstoppable, global and growing community of users of Revit.

Right now we already have three applications that we consider useful and hopefully help you in your daily work with Autodesk Revit:

  • TRR Dimensions is a free application that lets you create dimensions simply designating a point in a plane. You can select which categories you want to limit (walls, columns, floors, etc..), in which position the dimension axes and if you want to dim all items, or only the separation between them, etc.
  • TRR Windows , is a commercially licensed application that lets you create a wide range of families of windows using very little the Family Editor. Simply describing the rows and columns of the window, the size of hinged parts, frame, sill and blind, and each hinged part type (fixed, swing, etc.,) you have in just over a minute, a windows family ready to be inserted into your projects.
  • TRR Carpentry is another commercially licensed application that lets you map with the doors and windows of the project with one click, because Revit does not provide such functionality. This is a simple application with which you will save a lot of time in the documentation phase of your projects.

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