Saturday, September 8, 2012

ISO/TS 12911:2012 “Framework for building information modelling (BIM) guidance”

BIM Execution plans?

ISO/TS 12911:2012 “Framework for building information modelling (BIM) guidance” is now published and available for use.

ISO/TS 12911:2012 establishes a framework for providing specifications for the commissioning of building information modelling (BIM).
It is applicable to any range of modelling of buildings and building-related facilities, from a portfolio of assets at a single site or multiple sites, to assets at a single small building and at any constituent system, subsystem, component or element. It is applicable to any asset type, including most infrastructure and public works, equipment and material. BIM processes are applicable across the entire life cycle of a portfolio, facility or component, which can span inception to end-of-use. The main user of the framework is the information manager, who utilizes the framework to assist in structuring an international-, national-project- or facility-level BIM guidance document. The framework can also be used for BIM guidance provided by application providers.

Comments from the makers.
This standard was initiated in 2008 within ISO TC 59 SC 13 WG 09. We felt that it represented a missing link : a systematic way for executives, managers and users to share and re-use specific outcomes: it structures the strategic decision on a desired outcome, the managerial consequences, and the required ‘operator’ inputs. The Standard puts stress on the ability to merge such Guidance documents together (to define the BIM execution plan for a project, for example) and to express the requirements in a (potentially automated) testable format .

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