Saturday, March 10, 2012

Revit View Range

The last WARUG meeting was all about Visibility and i thought it timely show or remind you of  2 very good Posts, an excellent explanation of View Depth from Paul Aubin and a very valuable Post about the Revit Visibility Hierarchy from the Revit Clinic

 And in case you are looking for something here is a list i made a long while ago it may not be fully up to date and not in the best order but still helpful.and a very exhausting 33 Point List from the folks at the Revit Forum

Visibility or how to find a Needle in a Haystack
  • Did something in your project disappear? 
  • Make sure your not in Temporary Hide
  • First, check to see if it is still visible in other views.
  • Check the “Reveal Hidden Elements” tool
  • Check Visibility/Graphics. Is the object category (and subcategories) ON?
  • Check Visibility/Graphics. Is the line style set to Override?
  • Check Visibility/Graphics. Is the detail level set to By View?
  • Check Visibility/Graphics. Are all the worksets ON?
  • Check Visibility/Graphics. Are all the filters ON?
  • Check Visibility/Graphics. If the object is in a linked file check Revit Links.
  • Check Visibility/Graphics. Check each design option.
  • If in Group check if Hidden
  • Try changing phase and phase filter in View Properties (VP).
  • Try changing the detail level of the view.
  • Are all your worksets opened? (it may be hiding in a closed workset).
  • Are your Worksets set to Visible in this view
  • Check View Range in View Properties (VP).
  • Check for Plan Regions if in a floor plan view.
  • The object may have been moved to a new elevation.
  • Check Crop Region and Far Clip settings in View Properties (VP).
  • Check Annotation Crop
  • Set your view to wireframe. It may be hiding behind a filled region or other object.
  • Select the Linework tool (set to By Category) and see if it wasn't hidden with this tool
  • If the problem is with a family file open the family and check the visibility of the elements.

If you can't find it by now it was probably deleted.

And keep reminding your colleagues not to use the Line-work-tool to hide lines or use the Hide by Element or white Lines......

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