Friday, October 21, 2011

Boy This is crash hot from Down Under

See here to believe

Euclideon Receives a Commercialisation Australia Grant of $2million
The Euclideon new 3D computer graphics technology with infinite geometry project has been supported with assistance from the Australian Government through Commercialisation Australia.

The grant will support programmers to convert the system from PC to game consoles, mobile phones and other platforms. Most 3D technology is created for computer games using angular polygons. Euclideon has developed what may prove to be a ground-breaking advance in 3D technology by creating a search algorithm that will result in 3D images with vastly higher geometry – while saving costs and offering greater portability between platforms. It will have benefits for architecture, games, mining, the sciences and many other industries.

The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr said “I am pleased to help talented researchers and entrepreneurs capitalise on their good ideas. Commercialisation Australia helps our most innovative minds take their products to the market, creating opportunities for business and high-tech, high-wage jobs for Australians. I wish all grant recipients success and look forward to seeing their inventions make a difference to the lives of Australians and people around the world.”

In past times the road from invention to commercialisation was a difficult one, and we can be certain that many good inventions disappeared before they could serve the public because of the many difficulties inventors had. Good technologies benefit us all and the Australian Government in their wisdom put schemes in place to ease the burden of those who wanted to bring new technologies to the people by offering financial assistance. I feel very fortunate to be Australian and live in a country were opportunities and government assistance is granted according to ability and is available to all Australians regardless of background. The core of this vital service is the efforts of the Commercialisation Australia team. I am aware that many hours of reading and careful investigation was required in order to find the inventions that are ready for market and we here at Euclideon would like to thank Commercialisation Australia and the Australian Government for the support they have offered to us and to all companies that are helping to push the boundaries of technology in this country.

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