Monday, December 7, 2015

Upgrading Files to 2016

Upgrading Content to Revit 2016

If you are one of the many caught out by Autodesk not supplying an upgrade tool with Revit 2016
go ahead and let them know.
In the interim, you can buy some of the tools on the Autodesk Appstore
They range from 10-100$ not too bad but still annoying for something we got free for years.
Amazingly I stumbled over a free solution from my old colleague Jason Howden, that beats all the others by functionality and price.
Actually free, if  you use the RTVXporter already
Cheap as chips if not as you can buy it for 9.99$

What's so great? It can upgrade all file types including Family Templates.
So if you have a set of company standard, Family templates this was in the past a mind-numbing task. Not anymore
Upgrading you Projects you got a set of useful extra options.
Give it a go

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